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Dietitian Consultations

Improve your Health and Well Being

Eat 'n' Grow offers in-person, at-home and online clinics.

Eat'n'Grow staff are fully qualified and accredited Dietitians.

We are a NDIS Provider and will work with you or your plan manager to design individual and family dietetic needs.

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Dietitian Consultations

In Clinic 

Conveniently located next to Westfields in Woden with ample parking and access to public transport. Come in and let us listen to your concerns and we will focus on building you a personal plan to achieve your goal.

Home Clinic

We offer home clinics for clients with special needs. We understand that not everyone can travel or even leave the home, as such we offer in-home consults for clients with assessed special needs. An interview will be required to determine if this is the correct choice for you. 

Online clinic

We understand that travelling to the clinic can be costly, stressful, and time-consuming. Our software works on any device with a microphone, camera and internet connection. Take the stress out of the appointment and do it from home.

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